In order for Always Thin & Hold Hungry, Eat Catwalk models Tissues

modeldlmFormer editor in chief of Vogue Australia, Kirstie Clements, will publish a book about the fashion industry. In the book one that would express is about how the models often take a tissue to withstand hunger.

Not only that, in his book Kirstie also said that the models do not eat often deliberately and willingly starve during the day to look thin when the fashion show. He often saw models eating only once a day when fashion week is underway. So long fashion week when hunger will end, the model had to fight tooth and nail to keep from drop or sick. In order to survive despite eating only once a day, these models are usually infused.

Quoted such as the Daily Mail, in a book entitled ‘The Vogue Factor’ is, Kirstie says there is a term for extremely skinny models are thin Paris. The term to describe the size of the models that starving herself so that her body down two sizes smaller. This is done so that they could cast for the show abroad.

Book that reveals many things in the fashion industry including model behavior Kirstie was written based on his experiences working at Vogue Australia for 25 years. He became a leader in the media for 10 years before being abruptly dismissed.

Kirstie stories about negative behavior starved model was not first revealed. Formerly a British journalist, Imogen Edwards-Jones, who is known as the author of the book series Babylon also expressed the same thing in his book ‘Fashion Babylon’. In the book he wrote based on the narrative of three important figures in the fashion world Imogen revealed that the mode often taking laxatives (constipation medicine) and diet pills in order to stay thin body size.

How Acne Skin Care

Acne, small objects but can have a big impact for the owner acne prone skin. Moreover, if the pimple is grown in the area of ​​the face. A person can feel stressed because of acne, and vice versa, if a person experiencing stress can cause acne on his face. Then I had no skin breakouts in terms of advertising is to ‘face exploded. And it’s true. People acne at its core is a bomb shell installation process, and the war between the bacteria with white blood cells below the skin surface.

Acne is an inflammatory skin disease characterized by pimples that appear on almost any part of the body, but most often on the face. Although it occurs most commonly among adolescents, can be due to any one by hormones, poor diet, lack of vitamins, and even stress.

There are different forms of acne, ranging from mild to very damaging. Lighter types including whiteheads, blackheads, pimples or boils, and many other skin irritations and bumps can be painful, irritating, and unsightly. Some of the more problematic types can form large ulcers that take months to disappear.

While the exact cause of acne is unknown, it is clear how the form. Most blackheads, white ulcers and acne forms when the pores in the epidermis layer of the skin to swell or collapse, to prevent the presence of the oil that moves naturally out of the pores for healthy skin. When oil is blocked, because of minor infections occurred because the bacteria that consume oil penyehat skin. Although there is no permanent cure for this condition, it can be treated and even prevented quite successful. The first step in treating and preventing acne is to keep skin clean and dry. Although the pores become blocked or clogged often without attention to cleanliness of one’s skin, clean skin goes a long way toward preventing outbreaks.

Samsung GALAXY Camera, Make Hang Out ​​Increasingly Fun

samsungcontentTogethers with my friends who have not met is exciting. Chat anything as much as he ate or beautiful coffee-coffee in cozy cafe near downtown after hours after work. The photos are obligatory, especially for those who want to always exist in social media. Finished photographs are uploaded directly to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Path.

But troublesome, if photo-yack all want to use a cell phone or camera, respectively. ‘Photographer’ so confused because too many devices to be used and take a long time. Not to mention that the cafe or restaurant to hang out berpencahayaan dim. The picture might be a lot to blur because of less light.

Sekarangfoto the pictures exist will be more exciting if you take the Samsung GALAXY Camera any time to hang out. This is the latest digital camera from Samsung that will definitely make friends jealous when seeing him in our grasp. Unlike ordinary digital camera functions, the Samsung GALAXY Camera offers advantages in terms of connectivity and features a fun and smart.

Samsung GALAXY Camera using the OS (operating system) Android 4.1 Jelly Bean so we can download the install communications and social media applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Path in it. We can directly upload photos or videos via the Samsung Galaxy Camera using a Wi-Fi or 3G/4G data network because there is a slot for a SIM Card.

With such ease of connectivity, no need to any person who wants to be photographed giving a camera or cell phone to a ‘photographer’. Just use the Samsung GALAXY Camera, get a photo and instantly share cool to all my friends using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. It’s easy, practical and fast.

Regarding image quality, no doubt. There is a Smart Pro Mode option to allow us to take pictures like a professional photographer. To look clean and shining face, there is Beauty Shot mode. If you want to capture a moving object image or shooting a few frames at a time, no mode Action Freeze, Burst Shot and Best Shot to get the best photo.

Samsung GALAXY Camera also can be counted on to take pictures remotely like at a concert or other performance. With a resolution of 16.3 MP lens quality and 21x Super Long Zoom, we can take pictures from a distance with the result remains crystal clear. Editing applications available on the Samsung Galaxy Camera allows us to directly edit the pictures just taken. Wanted effects or decorations like, set yourself at will.

Viewing photos on the Samsung GALAXY Camera more spacious, clear and sharp as Super Clear LCD screen with its 4.8 inches wide. Editing is also easier, sophisticated and flexible as all command keys full touch screen. Now only need one device, the Samsung Galaxy Camera to shoot, edit and upload photos exciting moments with friends.

Samsung Announces Galaxy Note 8.0 Attendance

Samsung announced fablet (alloy phones and tablets) their first for 2013, Galaxy Note 8.0. As the name suggests, this latest fablet using 8-inch screen with HD resolution of 1280 × 800 pixels which is accompanied by a stylus. The screen size is one of the first discovered in fablet. The closest thing is the screen size of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7.

8.0 Note the screen resolution as the screen resolution Note 10.1. By doing so, the Galaxy Note 8.0 has a higher pixel density that produces sharper. Meanwhile, the S-Pen in Note 8.0 also has as many as 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity, as Note 10.1.

As the youngest member of the family, Note 8.0 comes with higher specifications. Call it the processor Exynos 4412 quad-core processor speed of 1.6 GHz which is supported by 2GB of RAM and Android OS version 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean). The main camera is able to produce 5 MP, while the 1.3 MP front camera.

Typical Applications Samsung are not forgotten, even some additions. There is a new recording app debuted on the Galaxy Note 8.0, the Awesome Note. IPhone or iPad users, may find it familiar. This application is not only reliable in matters of note, but can also create a list of tasks with an attractive appearance.

Samsung also include Flipboard, the popular news app on Android and iOS, with a few modifications. You can now see the titles of the articles in the box only to cast Flipboard category S Pen on the box. Another innovation is the Smart Remote, your TV remote replacement application, which utilizes infrared port Note 8.0.

Samsung GALAXY Note 8.0 also features Dual View. With this feature, you can run two applications at once, such as S-Note and the browser side by side. The display size of each application can also be arranged and positioned as needed.

Samsung GALAXY Note 8.0 will be available in 2 versions, the WiFi version and the version of the Wi-Fi plus HSPA +. There is no definite information on pricing and availability in Indonesia. But our prediction Samsung GALAXY Note will price in the range of 8.0 Rp 5, 5 million for the Wi-Fi version and Rp6, 5 million for the WiFi plus HSPA +. There are two colors to choose from that is black and white / silver, and two choices of memory capacity of 16/32GB.

Ladies, This is what is expected of Male Relationships Asmara

145803_121356514Usually, men are more emotional than the woman. But, men also have something they want to achieve in life, as well as women. However, people here tend to have difficulty expressing their feelings. In a love affair, there are actually some things that are expected of men. What is it?


Find out here, as quoted from Boldsky.

1. unconditionally
People here want to feel loved and be loved by her partner, but without conditions. They also want to be accepted for what it is.

2. as a Friend
Men want their partner not just a boyfriend, but also doubles as a friend. Just like women, men found a friend in need who have an attitude of solidarity, and always be with him at the time was difficult, and happy.

3. faithful
Not only woman who wants her boyfriend to be faithful, but the men were too. They do not like being betrayed by an affair behind them.

4. patient
Figure of a man who is often emotional and act rashly, make them want a partner who has more patience to be able to face them.

5. Common Interests
To what relationships undergo if only just thought of personal gain? Well, the men usually want their love relationship can run stable and had the same interests. Thus, could be achieved as a couple.

6. Adult couples
Men tend to look for the figure of a mature woman to be his partner. Therefore, people here tend to be very emotional. Therefore, the presence of women who are emotionally mature, be ready to take responsibility, and do not feel intimidated by the selfishness of man.