How Acne Can Occur

Acne arise, says it’s like a specter for teenagers to adults. How acne can arise, if the acne no oil glands in the face of spending a lot of sebum on the skin surface, especially on the face, in addition to the face, acne can also occur in the back of the head, the goose bumps. Face full of pimples much less will cause problems, one of which is a crisis of confidence.

Many factors can lead to how acne can arise, such as:

1. Age When someone enters their teens to early 20 years will have hormones that can cause acne. This is because a person who was at that age entering times of very fertile. Every human being must undergo adolescence.

Although not all teenagers have problems with acne. If you are one of the people who have acne in adolescence, think that the time will pass. Caring face well to keep in good health then the acne problem could be solved easily.

2. Descent in the family tree If anyone has a lot of acne on his face, we can be sure someone will be more prone skin compared to someone who does not have family who have acne on the body.

3. If someone is a drug user’s regular medication, ie, birth control pills or other contraceptives and hormone it is possible to use skin are allergic to the drug. And rebel causing acne.

4. Not too much food consumption of fatty foods, because fat can cause the oil in the face, causing acne. But here it does not mean not to eat fatty foods at all, because the body requires in addition to proteins, carbohydrates also need fat for insulation.

5. Cosmetic use of cosmetics that do not correspond to the nature of the skin can also cause acne on the face. Because the cosmetics used on the face.

If you already have acne, avoid to hold face too long and often as it will cause dirt to accumulate on the face became even more trying to remove contents of acne.

If your face has a lot of acne, do not use cosmetics too thick. Covering acne with excessive use of cosmetics is not a way out.

To clean up the cosmetics and cleansing, you should use a soap containing antiseptic. Soap as it can ward off attacks bakteriyang your face can cause acne.

6. Someone who is experiencing stress emotions will experience increasingly tense nervous tension more oil is produced, as well as the resulting sebum that can cause acne. So if you do not want acne, keep stress from your life.

Do not forget to multiply the rest, reduce unnecessary stay up, because sleep is very important for the body to keep the condition of your body remains in a fit condition. You can also exercise regularly so that the condition of the body in a healthy state

7. Natural factors of climate change are uncertain as happened recently also affected by acne. Besides the weather circumstances such as smoke and chemicals can also cause dirt to accumulate on the face, causing acne.

Apart from all the factors that cause acne that arise in the face. If the face is always clean and healthy, the acne will not come.

Acne is not always a problem for women, for men also. Why do many women experience acne problems. This is because the fat in women more than that of other men.

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