Scrubbing FOR AGES 35 +

Scrubbing is considered as one of the effective ways to treat facial skin, body, and legs to keep it fresh. Especially for those who are aged 35 +. So, how do I do it right? Skin is constantly regenerating, which means skin aging and death, and then replaced by new cells. In infants, toddlers, and children, dead skin cells will peel off by itself. But in the 30s, dead skin cells can not grow properly and can not peel yourself. This is where you need scrubbing skin care will shine again.

Scrubbing benefits
Scrubbing is the erosion of the dead skin cells of the top layer (epidermis). In addition, scrubbing dirt and skin oils (sebum) which accumulate. The other benefit is that it helps stimulate the regeneration of scrub kulit.Ada two types, namely in the form of cream or gel scrub from natural ingredients, such as coffee, strawberry, and coconut with a big grain (scrub is suitable for thick skin). Scrub of chemicals, refined grains, suitable for thin. Before buying, try first to avoid irritation to the skin.

Types of Scrub:
1. Body scrub (for the body).
2. Facial scrub (for the face).
3. Foot scrub (for the feet).

Body Scrub
Used on the entire body. Scrub with a coarse grain, good for thick skin such as knees, elbows, soles of the feet. Scrub with fine grains is for such a thin skin, stomach, groin, and chest.

– Frequency of treatment adjusted to the condition of the skin. Thick skin, twice a day, once a week thin skin.
– Do not do the scrubbing when there is acne on the back and chest.
– At the time scrubbing your skin is clean.
– Perform tissue massage to soften the outer skin so easily dead skin cells lifted.
– After scrubbing should not shower with warm water, wash with cold water, then use a body lotion.

Facial Scrub
This scrub for the face and neck. Its function is to remove dead skin cells and helps overcome the problem of hyperpigmentation, reduce the oil on oily skin. For face and neck skin is relatively thin skin, you should use a scrub granules are fine.

– In order to better treatment results, before doing a scrub, use an exfoliating cream first or facial creams that contain AHA, its function is to soften the skin epidermis. Dead skin cells will be more easily lifted. Use every night at least 7 days before wearing scrubs.
– Use a cream or gel scrub taste and rub it slowly.
– If the face and neck acne, acne postpone first to disappear.
– When finished scrubbing, rinse your face with clean water and then compressed with ice water for 10 minutes so that new skin cells appear fresh and soft. Then apply a facial moisturizer.
– Use a facial scrub according to condition the skin, oily skin can do the scrubbing twice a week. While dry skin or normal just two weeks.
– Do not scrubbing in the eye and lip area because the skin is very thin around.

Foot Scrub
Foot-scrub was necessary in order to skin a foot thick and coarse to fine. Do it with a massage-massage so smooth blood circulation and softens the epidermal tissues in the feet.

– Prior to scrub, clean up first then do massage foot-massaging lightly with olive oil.
– Dab scrubs Then if there is a very thick skin and hard, rubbing dengam foot board or pumice stone over hard skin so soft and gentle.
– Rinse with warm water and soap for membersihkam brush with the remains of the dead skin, then dry and use a body lotion.
– Foot scrubs can be done three times a week according to the skin condition. Avoid if legs are injured.