Citilink flight attendant was “berpantun”

210741_citilinkbaliarisaputra11There are interesting things in each flight Citilink. In addition to passengers served by friendly, the green-uniformed flight attendant who Citilink also use the poem as a flying start and after landing.

Ria berpantun is also done by Citilink flight attendants in flight special welcome new Airbus A320 route from Jakarta to Bali.

“Happy to see the rainbow, together we are ready to serve,” said the stewardess when the plane took off from Soekarno-Hatta Airport.

The new A320 aircraft with a capacity of 180 passengers. Aircraft interior dominated by white color. Curtain limiting front passenger plane with typical green Citilink. Currently, Citilink has had 22 Airbus A320 aircraft.

Formation seats 3-3 with a standard space. The aircraft is no business and executive class. “Citilink all economy, no business class. We focus on low cost carriers,” said Director of Citilink Arif Wibowo while giving a speech on the plane.

In a journey that takes 1 hour, passengers are also treated to lunch. But for normal day-to-day flight, Citilink is a low cost carrier that does not provide food.

“For normal flight, we provide a snack on the plane anyway, but you pay for,” said Arif. While for heavy foods, Citilink also provide pre-order service. But just for a simple way of processing food.

In addition to CEO, Peter Senior Sdvisor Mutually Citilink also join in this inaugural flight. The flight went smoothly.

All passengers applauded when the plane landed at Ngurah Rai Airport, Denpasar safely. Flight attendants close the service with a rhyme.

“Go to the market to buy fruit. Their fruit star fruit. Passenger goodbye. Thank you for flying with Citilink,” said the stewardess.

BMW M3 Coupe DTM Champion Edition, Only 54 Units There

bmwBMW offers a limited edition of the car called M3 Coupe M3 Coupe DTM Champion Edition. This is a way for BMW to celebrate their courage in the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters (DTM) last year.

Car only produced a limited edition of 54 units. Number 54 is also special because it showed the number of wins BMW in DTM. 10 car models of which will be sent to Japan.

Champion Edition M3 Coupe use the motif of a race car that won the Bruno Spengler.

For the exterior, the car wrapped in matte black color. Large 19-inch rims matte black color also adds sporty impression.

Carbon fiber is used on the front splitter, roof. While the three-color M sticker can be seen from the roof down to the trunk lid in the rear of the car.

While using material alcantara interior to the steering wheel and handbrake lever. Each car was given a number from 1 to 54 numbers showing the exclusiveness.

In Japan, the car was sold from 12.63 million yen.

Retired Boeing, Rejuvenate Citilink fleet with Airbus A320

222328_citilinkbaliarisaputra1Airline low cost carrier Citilink will add a new type of Airbus A320 aircraft. Citilink will no longer fly his Boeing.

“Later this month we are no operation for Boeing,” said Director of Citilink Arif Wibowo in Denpasar, Bali. Citilink reason no longer use his Boeing aircraft is due to old age. The average age of a Boeing-owned Citilink is 10-12 years.

“Citilink owned aircraft (Airbus) is the youngest aircraft in Indonesia today,” he said.

Average Citilink Airbus A320 was 8 months old. Currently the airline is synonymous with the color green has had 29 aircraft. Of that total, 22 of which are Airbus A320.

“Until the end of the year there will be 24 owned Citilink Airbus,” said Arif.

In addition, the airline will also buy 7 Turboprop aircraft that will be used to serve these routes pioneer. “Seven Turboprop aircraft is currently in the process of ordering,” said Arif.

Projected, at the end of 2014, Citilink will have 60 aircraft. It consists of 40 Airbus A320 aircraft, and 20 Turboprop aircraft.
Through the addition of the planes, the planes will be used Citilink is younger again.

This causes Bill Gates,Carlos Slim is shifted so Richest Man in the World

104830_slimluarThe Mexican tycoon, Carlos Slim, whose three consecutive years held the title of the richest man in the world, its position is shifted by Bill Gates. What causes it?

Bill Gates Slim ranked shifted because of the rule changes made by the telecommunications sector and the new Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto. Slim had been wealthy because it controls the telecommunications sector in Mexico and the United States (U.S.).

The existence of this rule change makes the telecommunications sector stocks fell, and the value of wealth Slim also slipped.

Three weeks after the Mexican Congress approved the new rules, then immediately lower the Forbes magazine ranked Slim, and that makes Microsoft founder Bill Gates as world’s richest person.

Slim final wealth was U.S. $ 69.1 billion or around Rp 656 trillion, and Gates is a wealth of U.S. $ 69.8 billion or around Rp 663 trillion. This happened after the fall of the value of shares of America Movil, the telecommunications company in the U.S. owned by Slim. Though recent data, Slim is worth U.S. $ 73 billion, or around Rp 693 trillion.

A consultant from Mediatelecom named Jorge Bravo said, Slim has always been debated could be the richest man in the world.

“Diverse regulation and the effects of the media began to fight Slim to become the world’s richest man. Due Slim comes from a country that does not feel his fortune even still there are many poor people,” said Bravo.

“I have no doubt, that this time was the worst of times for Slim. You can not compare Slim companies located in Latin America, with Microsoft’s global appeal,” added Bravo.

Slim spokesman declined to comment.

America Movil is the company’s fixed-line telecommunications and the Internet, as well as a Slim-owned cable television operations in 17 countries of Latin America and also in the U.S..

In Mexico, Slim has Telemex company engaged in telecommunications services provider, Telcel, which controls 70% of the phone market in Mexico pants.

Pena Nieto president who took office last December, has made major reforms in various sectors of the country, including telecommunications. New telecommunications legislation issued, the widest opening of competition in the telecommunications sector and is currently dominated television Televisa.

Even in the law, foreign companies can own 100% of telecommunications companies and radio and television broadcasting in Mexico.

He is the latest version of the Alphard China

alphardChina is good at making a clone of the famous car brands. Many of the cars ‘imitation’ which was made by Chinese manufacturer.

This time the target market the Toyota Alphard. One car manufacturer from China, Jaylong Automobile make imitation Alphard which will be named Jaylong IFLY.

Toyota Alphard imitation estimated price will be much cheaper than the original Alphard is sold in China. In China Alphard priced from 614,400 yuan to 789,800 yuan. The pirated Aplhard expected to be priced 125,000 yuan. Far away the difference?

For the engine itself is likely to hold the engine Mitsubishi 2.4 liter, 4-cylinder with 147 hp and 200 nm. This machine will be made by the engine manufacturer in China Sheyang-Mitsubishi.

It was also not the first time but first Chinese car manufacturer is also trying to make imitation versions of the Alphard. Yema name suggests, the car manufacturer combines Toyota and Nissan NV200.

Tips For Back Hand Wrinkles

065149_tanganmadonnacoverThe aging process is a woman who feared the occurrence of wrinkles. Than wrinkles in the face, now women are more afraid of the wrinkles in the hand.

It was based on research in the UK, which reveals one in eight women are more worried about the hand over the face. If the many ways you can do to fight wrinkles on the face, not so with the skin on the back of the hand.

For it, before it became clear prominent hand veins, wrinkles and skin thinning, the following tips to take care of:

1. Exfoliate
Exfoliate or exfoliation of the skin on the back and palm of the hand at least once every two weeks, to remove dead skin cells and stimulate the growth of new skin cells are more fresh and radiant. You can use a scrub for the body, or create their own scrub with a mixture of one teaspoon of sugar and coconut oil.

If you do not like the oily texture, can use fresh lemon juice rubbed on the hands, let stand a few minutes, then rinse. The content of the citric acid acts as a gentle exfoliant.

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Rules Using Loose Powder

143517_bedakUsing powder is the most important part when makeup. Powder has many benefits for the face. Powder with a powder texture that can reduce the oil, making the face is not shiny, the result is more natural make-up look even wrinkles fade.

Although impressed simple to use powder, but you need to know some rules of its application that make-up to be perfect.

As summarized:

1. Skewer with Skin Color
Use powder whose color matches the skin tone. Jenny suggested, choose a level lighter color of the skin when the skin is exposed to heat or lighting a highlight. “Powder can be oxidized to the skin and become darker when dipalikasikan,” added Jenny.

2. Use in Middle Face
Avoid using talc powder up at the edges of the face. The results are so natural on the skin. Do not use talcum powder on the outside of the nose and the outer portion of the face. Use in the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin).

3. Use Powder After the Foundation
To make a lasting foundation day, gunakanla powder afterwards. Use compact powder creates white lines on the face.

4. Natural order result
So that the powder does not make the face look dry, pat powder using a sponge. The result does not look shiny face, without giving effect to look dry and smooth on the face.

Selling the story of Indonesian Students Coto Makassar in Sydney

165801_cotolontaraStudying abroad for Muzayyin (31 years), not just struggling with heavy books or just hang out on campus. Students majoring in English at Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia also use their spare time to entrepreneurship, with the opening Warung Coto Makassar, Makassar Coto Lontara & Culinary, not far from the Opera House, Sydney, Australia.

Muzayyin said the idea of ​​opening a shop in Coto Makassar is originated from the land of kangaroos in frequency meet Indonesian people who live in Australia, that number reached 4,000 people, whether they are students or from among the workers.

“I think our nation should not just be a worker in the country but also to be able to hire other people to be called honorable nation, the spirit that made me open a stall Coto in Sydney,” said the alumnus of Pondok Pesantren Darul Istiqamah, Maccopa, Maros , South Sulawesi.

The man who now has three children, admitted stall, Lontara named title characters taken from traditional hometown of Land Bugis. Capitalize around AUD 25,000 on the 29 April 2013.

Muzayyin then invites his friend, Muhammad tycoon, one of the citizens who have a certificate of origin Makassar Chef to open restaurants that sell typical foods Bugis-Makassar, in addition to Coto Makassar, like Pallubasa, Sop Brother and Pallubutung.

Every citizen of Australia or other nations that tasted Coto Makassar A $ 9, not only enjoying the culinary delights of Makassar, but
also presented the story and the history and culture of the country of origin of food.

“Our mission is not just to make our customers be satisfied, but we also want to introduce the culture of Bugis-Makassar in the world
Internationally, our shop is actually a cultural showcase Bugis-Makassar in Australia, “said Muzayyin who was on holiday in Makassar.

Muzayyin added that cultural richness of culinary archipelago have not utilized by our own people in the world to introduce its culture internationally. Unlike what is done by other nations, which has a culinary culture like Chinese Food or Japanese Food whose name is famous everywhere.

Before deciding to move to Australia, the son of the head of the Darul Istiqamah already started dabbling in the world of entrepreneurship since 2003, with the decided to drop out of college LIPIA, Jakarta, and then start a business kids toys and caps are sold in several cities.

His decision to quit college had dashed hopes of his parents, who want Muzayyin completed in LIPIA and led the foundation’s legacy his grandfather’s boarding school.

“Our responsibility as Muslims is to release people from the helplessness of the economic problems, not just to teach lessons, but keep people out of poverty, because poverty was very close to disbelief,” said Muzayyin.

BMW 2 Series Camera Caught

bmw2seriesinCar manufacturer BMW is preparing ‘reform’ line up. The new series will be born from Series 2, Series 4 and Series 6. And recently, a BMW Series 2 again caught on camera.

Judging from the photos that capture this car, Series 2 looks to have a line like the design of the 1 Series coupe and convertible that was going to be replaced place.

This is in line with the BMW tactics where Series 2 would take the base of the Series 1, Series 6 will be based on the Series 5 and Series 4 which has the same base with the Series 3.

In terms of design, there is no dramatic change in the car, sporty design lines typical of BMW is still coloring her. BMW 2 Series camera caught this possibility is the M version of the Series 2. The code is likely M235i.

The car is expected to born at the end of this year will accompany the standard version of the Series 2 which will likely have the code and holding 228i four-cylinder engine.

Caring Face How To Safely with Organic Cosmetics

104651_womenbeautyNow more and more beauty companies are offering eco-friendly products made ​​from organic material. Therefore, organic makeup can have a positive effect on the wearer, as well as the environment.

“Make up that does not contain organic chemicals, both soil and fertilizer that has been contaminated. Impact so good for the earth,” said Hefriyan Handra, Herbal Product Formulation Manager.

Basically, all the beauty products made ​​from chemicals. But the question is, whether the chemical is safe or not for our skin? Beauty products are made ​​from organic cosmetics are made without chemicals. The fewer chemicals contained in the product, the more can be called organic.

“If organic products are used not experience irritation, allergies, and hives, then it’s fairly safe product,” said dr. Fabiola Astrid Tilaar.

That’s why organic cosmetics claimed safe for the skin. Therefore, the content in it does not contain parabens, SLS, propylene glycol, and mineral oil. The content is the ingredients that cause skin irritation and redness, and even can cause headaches and brain damage.

Besides organic products generally contain antioxidants and vitamins that makes you look natural, youthful and healthy. The product was composed of many variations ranging from daily care, to makeup that has become a woman needs to appear more stylish.

But keep in mind, not all cosmetic products labeled ‘organic’ actually made ​​from organic materials. A new product can be called organic if it contains organic ingredients that have at least 95 percent USDA certified Organic. This certificate is usually found on the bottom of the seal or the product packaging.