What City Otolovers Favorite Car?

115721_picantoWhich long remained a favorite. It can be seen in polls reporters regarding city car. Urban cars latest release seems not to attract attention Otolovers.

Cars like the Honda Brio, Toyota Etios, and Mitsubishi Mirage in this poll have not been able to topple the popularity pioneer city car Kia Picanto in ground water. Despite the fact that the Honda Brio on the sales aspect has become the best-selling city car.

From the total of 12 106 votes, a majority still choose KIA Picanto as a favorite car.

Here are the results of the reader poll detikOto

KIA Picanto 3903 (32%)
Honda Brio 2,900 (23.9%)
Mitsubishi Mirage 1732 (14.3%)
Toyota Etios 1,719 (14.2%)
Suzuki Splash 1546 (12.7%)
Nissan March 300 (2.5%).

‘Besides Powerful, More Affordable Car Maintenance Manual’

172028_matikinLovers also cars with manual transmissions do not lose much by car lovers or auto-matic transmission. Each does have its own advantages and disadvantages.

Manual transmission car lovers confess drive a manual car in terms of maintenance is much cheaper than automatic car.

As expressed by Dian Risdianto, he expressed a preference for a car with a manual transmission because it is more powerful than the automatic or automatic transmission car.

“If it is felt while driving a manual car more power than the existing automatic car,” Dian said while talking to reporters some time ago.

He stated, which is more powerful when you want to accelerate much more powerful because it can set its own shift transmission and adapted to the road conditions and your own.

“If you’re living gas automatic car brakes, brake gas aja. Challenge also ga. If the car is brought ngebutnya manual more fun,” said the man who is now driving a 323 Mazda Lantis 1995 output.

In addition to powerful, a car with manual transmission maintenance is also much cheaper than automatic car. Dian admitted the parts in the car manual is much less than automatic transmission cars.

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Change Logo, Chery So Ambitious World Class Brand

84912522Chinese automakers, Chery is currently clean up. Reorganization they are doing and the new logo was introduced by the manufacturer, based in Wuhu this.

Massive revamping Chery was done to stop the ‘bleeding’ on their balance sheets. After several years of stagnant Chery unveiled its restructuring plan as he announced plans for a new logo Chery.

In the new logo that old logo looked ‘ditiban’ which transforms it into a new logo replaces the old logo that had been used for 16 years. The logo also marks the beginning of a new era in one of the most recognized brands in the China.

In addition, several sub-brand owned by Chery will also be addressed. This was done because the development is not encouraging and the cannibalization in the shelter of each other Chery brand.

Chery currently has several sub-brands like Riich, Rely and Karry. Riich brand will be absorbed by Chery, and others will be phased out to reduce competition within the company itself.

With these changes, Chery also voiced his ambition to strengthen its position as the best Chinese brand in 2016, became the best-selling brand in the entry-level car in China.

After that, Chery intends to be the brand of “world-class” brand in 2020, competing with well-known names in the automotive industry at the international level.

Chery chairman Yin Tongyue delivered a speech at a press conference to explain the “dream” of his:

“Since entering the automotive industry in 1997, Chery has made China’s mission to create a strong brand,” said Chery Chairman Yin Tongyue.

“We persist and pursue this sweet dream. Chase a dream but it is difficult. Experiencing setbacks Chery and took a detour a few times, but as long as we have a dream, everything will be a valuable asset,” he added.

“Chery will continue to develop technologies and strengthen its brand to make this dream come true,” completion

What Happens When Rolls-Royce Color Pink?

rollsroyceWhen looking at a pink car probably many people who would shake their heads. However, what would happen if the pink car is a Rolls-Royce?

Yes, this car is a Rolls-Royce Ghost Extended Wheelbase is deliberately whitewash special pink for charity. Name this car is built to support FAB1 charity program FAB1 Million and Breast Cancer Care.

Led by Chris Evans, FAB1 Million project is designed to get 1 million pounds fund to be used for breast cancer campaign. The funds are expected to come from the car rental is for a variety of purposes, instead of sales.

To confirm that this car was made for the treatment of breast cancer campaign, in addition to exterior berlabur pink, umbrella tucked in the door also uses the color pink. Was in the seat headrests embroidered pink ribbon.

In the interior, the distinctive Rolls-Royce luxury can also be felt through the use of leather and wood ornaments. 9.2-inch screen is also applied to be enjoyed with a picnic table, and coolbox champagne. So passengers can enjoy champagne while watching.

“When I received a call from Chris Evans to support FAB1 Million, our immediate action,” said Jolyon Nash, Director of Sales and Marketing Rolls-Royce Cars.

“It takes many hours to create such a special car but every minute spent is really worth to a worthy purpose. We hope the project is successful,” lugasnya.

Loss street, Not in the Subaru Manual Transmission

subaruinManual transmission seems to be completely forgotten. Even jams that hit major cities in Indonesia, making Subaru does not want to produce a manual car.

“Because in Jakarta, Bali, Surabaya and other cities jammed, we only introduce the automatic variant in Indonesia,” said Executive Director of Tan Chong International Ltd, Glenn Tan, told reporters recently.

Glenn Tan, adding that the automatic transmission is a transmission that popular in Europe.

“This issue (the selection of automatic and manual transmissions) have also occurred in Europe. Where Europe is also more fond than manual automatic transmission,” said Glenn.

“Therefore the automatic transmission to be a better model than the manual transmission (automatic is more practical than the manual). Moreover CVT engine offered this time make the engine more efficient,” he added.

6 Advice to Avoid Scams Online Shopping

Shopping online to be one mode of deception in cyberspace. Such as commercial law, online shopping is increasingly popular among the growing impact of fraud in cyberspace.

In Australia, one of the 15 people online buyers are victims of fraudulent credit card or debit card online two years ago. Total loss was increased by 50 percent to U.S. $ 278 million dollars. The number is “better” than the conditions in the UK and U.S. data shows that one in 10 online shoppers are victims.

¬ĽAdvances in technology and changes in customer payment patterns, making changes as well in criminal behavior,” said Steven Munchenberg, chief executive of the Australian Bankers’ Association (ABA).

Banks and retailers respond to deceit it with better software to detect fraudulent shopping as soon as possible. Nevertheless, there are several ways that we can do as consumers to avoid falling victim.

1. Hide my PIN

Never reveal your PIN or account numbers in detail.

If you are not involved in fraud, money lost can be returned by the bank. However, the Electronic Funds Transfer Code of Conduct stated that liability be lost if you are caught showing your PIN numbers or passwords. Most cases of loss is done in a transaction without the PIN when the owners of the credit cards and retailers did not meet in person.

2. Sedia Anti-Virus Before Conceded

Install the software (software) anti-virus and make sure keep them updated.

You also need anti-spyware software and a good firewall. Most operating systems include devices such gadget was so sure that it is active.

3. Do Response Spam

Immediately delete the e-mail or short message spam, and do not respond. Most people are familiar with common scams, for example, you get a lottery or receive a commission if you help someone who is having financial problems. What was unusual was the request by e-mail or short message to update your account details.

4. Use Payment System Trusted

Use the payment system for Internet transactions via Paypal.com or credit card or debit card berlimit low when trading online.

5. Keywords Nay Never Leaks

Secure e-mail your password to prevent the thieves take the information and create a false identity by e-mail. Do not forget to regularly change passwords.

6. Immediately check transactions New Do

Immediately check transaction once you receive the goods. If you become a victim of online fraud, do not panic. Notify the police and your bank immediately. It may not be fun, but you will not suffer long-term losses.

Users Honda 85% Wear Automatic Car

hondaFour-wheel drive technology is growing. As with the transmission. First automatic transmission was not overly targeted by car users, but now the opposite. Automatic Transmission increasingly dominate.

It is felt carmaker PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM). Data received detikOto Honda, Honda automatic transmission that has reached 85 percent.

Automatic transmission Honda car sales rise began in 2002, at which time the Honda CR-V spawned the first generation with automatic transmission. And followed other cars like the Honda Freed. Since then, sales of Honda automatic transmission is increasing, and now make up 85 percent of total national sales of Honda cars.

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Tips for Making Learning Fun Pool

We know that exercise swimming is a sport that is very useful to keep in shape. This sport allows all members of the body to move so that there will be more and more calories are burned to support the formation of the body’s muscles.

For that, the pool is excellent exercise to be performed by children – children at the age of growth, because as we all know, to accelerate the growth of children – children need nutritious food and enough exercise. With swimming, muscles and bones in the body of the child – the child will grow faster

That’s why everyone needs to learn to swim. Exercise pool would be a fun sport and a great benefit to the health and growth of the child – the child. However, it does not mean that adults too late to learn to swim. When the desire and courage possessed, sports pool will be very easy to learn and to be a fun sport to be enjoyed anytime.

To make the exercise more fun pool, you need to know the following tips;
For Children – Children:

– In order for your child to love exercise pool, of course, you have to make a pretty fun sport for your child early. Of course you should make sure that you choose swimming instructors can teach them well and give the impression of security and comfort to your child is trying to learn swimming.

– If you have sufficient time and adequate ability to teach your child to swim, it would be a great idea if you can teach your own child. Of course, the learning process will feel more comfortable because your child is sure to be fully entrust their safety to you.

– Complete swimming and safety equipment, such as a float with various shapes; buoy chest, arms buoy, buoy-shaped tires and so on so that your child will feel more secure and are interested in learning to swim.

– Choose a fun place to learn to swim. If you do not have a private pool, choose a public swimming pool with children’s facilities that attract a brilliant idea to make the learning process more interesting and enjoyable.

Water Boom the now popular tourist spot of water is one right choice. However, you should not choose a holiday to learn to swim because of course the attractions will be very crowded.

– Stay with your child while he learned to swim. Even if you do not come to teach, you can keep an eye on the edge of the pool so you can feel more comfortable and confident to be able to swim faster.
For Adults:

Many people say that when a person has grown up, it would be difficult for him to learn to swim. However, such an assumption is not entirely correct. The main obstacle is the willingness of the person. Although you are somewhat late to learn to swim, does not mean you have been late.

With a high willingness to learn, you can certainly swim fast, and even in a few weeks. While tips for learning to swim fun, you need the following;

– Make sure that you can feel comfortable enough to consider several factors, such as what you wear swimwear, swim instructor who can make you quite comfortable, and a place where you learn. When you are comfortable enough, you’ll likely enjoy the learning process and can be mastered more quickly.

– For learning to swim run fast enough, you should know some tips to make it easier to swim technique mastered. By making your body relax, your body will be easier to float

– If it is felt necessary to invite your friends who also need training swim. Togetherness that is will reduce the feeling of “stiff” because of possible embarrassment, discomfort, etc..

How Are Cheap Car Rules?

imagesGovernment regulations related to an incentive of low cost green car / LCGC or cheap and environmentally friendly cars will soon be signed by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY).

But the Minister for Economic Affairs Hatta Rajasa not agree to the rules of incentives that have been promised long ago by the government to the automobile manufacturers.

“Minister saw a few changes in wording that were deemed to be less precise. So there is a little correction once again be going around,” said Minister of Industry (Industry Minister) MS Hidayat when met after attending the Indonesian Textile Association in JIExpo Kemayoran Jakarta.

He said it is not too substantial, meaning that in the not too long the problem is solved. “Just the usual stuff the sentence is less than perfect in the bureaucracy,” he said.

Once this is completed the next rule was brought to the table LCGC President to be signed soon. “It would be signed by the president but was initialed 5 ministers. Brought to you later in the Coordinating Minister for the last initials brought to the President,” he explained.

LCGC incentives given to car manufacturers to produce cars to be sold at a low price with environmentally friendly specifications. So far, a number of principals Japanese automaker claims to be ready to produce LCGC. Daihatsu and Toyota even showed off the twins Ayla and Agya.

Breathing Technique

It is important to learn how to breathe properly and swimming activity rhythm to make it easier. Proper breathing techniques for swimming is very helpful in increasing the speed and stamina. To breathe properly while swimming needs practice

However, once you master the technique of breathing efficiently, and enhanced performance. The following breathing techniques will allow the swimmer to move faster through the water without breaking the rhythm and lose out on the factor ‘time’ is very important in competitive swimming or professional. Among them:

1. one-arm drill: In this breathing technique, you have to breathe away from the stroking arm. While doing this exercise one should imagine that one of his hands to tell the truth kept straight without motion. The stroking should be done with only the left hand. The chin should have stuck to the right shoulder.

People should continue to look over the right shoulder, while the left arm is recovering. In this position, will face down, facing the bottom of the pool. After the recovery phase, the arm enters the water. The body should be turned and rolled to the left side, while the arm enters the water.

Face spun out of the water during this phase and the air should be inhaled. The left arm to reach the back of the hip after finishing stroke. Face back under the water and the air must be exhaled at this stage.

2. Sidekick drill: In this drill, we had to lie on the left side with your arms extended above your head. The right arm should be resting on the side. Heads should be changed in such a way that one looks past the left arm-pit to the bottom of the pool.

The body must be kept in such a position that the stomach wall facing the pool side and not the bottom. The sidekicks do to prevent your hips from falling down and pressing the left arm pit down simultaneously.

When a face enters the water should begin to discard the air and turn your head to the right when it needs air. Drill should be done while lying on the left side until the end of the pool is reached. Drill the same should be repeated with the right side.

Breathing for Freestyle Different Style Pool: During the front crawl, the best way to breathe when the head is tilted. Respiratory done while one hand is recovering from a stroke. Inhalation done with the nose and mouth. The air must be exhaled while face down.

Butterfly Style: The time allotted to breathe in swimming butterfly is less compared to other techniques. In the style of swimming, when the hand moves down, the chest, the body automatically lifted up. One should breathe out when the head is being lifted and exhale as you lower your body.